15 07, 2021

Building Booms and Busts

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Do big buildings predict a big bust? Source: Visual Capitalist There certainly has been a building boom lately. In just the last year, construction has roared back in New York City, particularly around Central Park. They’ve capitalized on the global boom in wealth creation that’s resulted [...]

5 11, 2020

Not Your Parent’s Politics

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Are you curious about the election? Photo: Raymonde Marie Lacasse. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Watching the election results come in – and not come in – has always been a national pastime. Forty-four years ago I remember watching a close Presidential race being called [...]

1 10, 2020

Consider the Alternatives – Part 2

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How do alternative investments help us invest? “Jackalope” Postcard from 1968. Source: Legends of America The purpose of investing is help us reach our financial goals. The disclosures tell us that “all investments carry risk,” and that’s true. We diversify our portfolios to reduce that risk. [...]

24 09, 2020

Consider the Alternatives – Part 1

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What are alternative investments? Alternative mammal, the duck-billed platypus. Photo: Klaus. Source: Wikipedia When I was growing up, I never felt part of the "in" crowd. Maybe it was because I played different sports in hockey-and-football obsessed Minnesota. Maybe it was because I was a little [...]

17 09, 2020

Not in Kansas Anymore – Part 2

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Can you remember when – suddenly – everything was different? Photo: Douglas Tengdin One of the biggest changes for me came when my first child was born. The labor had taken a long time, and everyone was exhausted. In the end, though, Pam and I were [...]

11 09, 2020

Not in Kansas Anymore – Part 1

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The Great Plains. Photo: Doug Stremel. Source: Wikipedia. CC BY 2.0 “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” That’s what Dorothy says to her little dog when she first steps into the new land of Oz. Her grey, smashed house lies in the [...]

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