9 09, 2021

Risky Business (Part 1)

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Risk is conserved. Source: Maxpixel. CC0. In physics there’s the principle of conservation of matter and conservation of energy. Matter can’t be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed. In a nuclear reaction, an infinitesimal amount of matter is converted into a tiny amount of [...]

19 08, 2021

Inflation Liftoff?

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Is inflation about to take off? Illustration: OpenClipart-Vectors. Source: Pixabay A little historical perspective is instructive. In April 1942, the United States Treasury Department asked the Federal Reserve to hold interest rates at a low level: 0.38% for 3-month T-bills, and 2.5% for long-term Treasury Bonds. [...]

12 08, 2021

Distributed Exchange

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How safe is crypto? Source: Clipart Library The crypto universe began in 2008 when someone writing under the pen-name Satoshi Nakomoto – the ironic Japanese translation of “Central Intelligence” – published a white paper entitled: “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” The author sent it to [...]

22 07, 2021

Because It’s There?

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How do you climb a mountain? Illustration: Linnaea Mallette Source: Public Domain Pictures. Growing up I was fascinated by mountaineering. Stories from the 19th and early 20th centuries of early climbers risking everything “because it’s there” captivated me. I must have read the account of Edmund [...]

15 07, 2021

Building Booms and Busts

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Do big buildings predict a big bust? Source: Visual Capitalist There certainly has been a building boom lately. In just the last year, construction has roared back in New York City, particularly around Central Park. They’ve capitalized on the global boom in wealth creation that’s resulted [...]

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